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zondag 28 juni 2020

D66: Betrek internationals bij Buurtbudgetten met Engelstalige uitleg

For english, see below.

De Buurtbudgetten is een initiatief om €500.000 te besteden aan en door bewoners. Participatie van bewoners is cruciaal. D66 Amsterdam Zuid merkt op dat het traject niet goed toegankelijk is voor internationals, omdat alle communicatie in het Nederlands verloopt. Ondanks meerdere adviezen van D66 aan het stadsdeelbestuur om informatie beschikbaar te stellen in het Engels, is dat nu nog niet goed geregeld. D66 Zuid wil daar snel verandering in.

De bewonersbrief over de Buurtbudgetten was in het Nederlands. Online is er el wel een video beschikbaar met toelichting over de aanvraag van de budgetten met Engelse ondertiteling, maar dat is onvoldoende om het proces goed te doorlopen. De video verwijst namelijk naar de regels voor een aanvraag op de website en die is alleen in het Nederlands.

D66 Zuid strijd voor een transparante, inclusieve en democratische stad en daarom bieden wijzelf de vertaling aan onderaan deze pagina.

D66: Includes Internationals with Neighbourhood Budgets (Buurtbudgetten) with English Translations

The Neighbourhood Budgets is an initiative to spend 500.000 on and for the residents. A broad participation of residents is crucial. D66 Amsterdam South sees that the participation process is not accessible to international residents because all the communication is done in Dutch. Despite several formal advice attempts to the Council Executive to make this information available in English, it has yet to be arranged. D66 South wants to see that changed quickly.

A letter to residents about the Neighborhood budgets was entirely in Dutch. Online there is a video available with English subtitles, which explains what the budgets are, however, the rules guiding submissions are not. This makes the information available wholly insufficient for internationals to access the Neighbourhood Budgets.

D66 South strives for a transparent, inclusive and democratic city and that is why we offer a translation of the rules located below on this page and offer our assistance to any international wishing to participate in their local community.


Conditions for funding requests for local projects and plans: We assess the submitted plans for Buurtbudget Zuid based on the following points:

  • Your plan is for one of the areas (de Pijp/Rivierenbuurt, Oud-Zuid, Buitenveldert / Zuidas) of the district Zuid.
  • You live in district Zuid and are actively involved in the initiative.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Your plan is supported by several residents, entrepreneurs, or parties in the area.
  • Your plan is feasible in 2020 and / or 2021.
  • You do not differentiate between race, gender, religion, sexual preference or origin in your plan. Your activities are accessible to everyone.
  • Your initiative meets the conditions of the Zuid Neighborhood Budget Regulations.
  • Your plan does not conflict with other projects and / or existing policies of the City of Amsterdam.
  • Your plan can be carried out by either the municipality of Amsterdam, residents, foundations, associations, or businesses.
  • Your plan should not have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Plans should not have a political, commercial, and religious purpose.

In addition, you must consider:

  • Take into account filing applications for permits, permissions and exemptions in the project plan and budget.
  • You may be requested to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) if necessary.
    • An English form on the site from the Ministry of Justice is provided here